If you've never played nethack before, here are some instructions to get set up for this to work.
  1. Press 'c' to connect to the server.
  2. If you don't have an account then sign up for one through the terminal (The r key on the NAO landing screen)
  3. Enable the vt_tiledata option on your account. You can either manually edit your options and add the line 'OPTIONS=vt_tiledata'. If you don't know how options work and just want a starting options file, follow instructions 5-7 otherwise skip to 8.
  4. Login to the NAO website http://alt.org/nethack/
  5. Go to this page to edit your options file http://alt.org/nethack/webconf/nhrc_edit.php
  6. Copy this options file (Assumes you use the number pad) into the text area and then save
  7. Finally back on the terminal window, hit p to play the game after logging in